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I would like to seize the opportunity this means give me to be grateful to those people who, by different reasons, have contributed to enrich my experience within the flamenco world.

First of all, everyone who has helped me to get over my shyness due to my great respect to "cante" (flamenco singing); to those who encouraged me to dedicate myself totally to flamenco as I have done for many years.

Secondly, I wish to express my gratitude to those people and institutions that work and dedicate all their effort and time for flamenco music to be known all over the world what make it to be more accesible to public.

I would also like to show my admiration and gratitude to the Cristina Heeren Foundation for its effort and means to help flamenco music to be spread along the world and to be learnt by many people. This foundation gave me the opportunity to share my life and to learn with artists who, otherwise, I would not have known: The master José el de la Tomasa, who really helped me from the beginning and who tell me "freedom is always worth", even in "cante"; those who were unique, Naranjito de Triana and Manolito Soler, who are not with us anymore and who left fond memories in me.

I cannot forget Miguel Angel Cortés who has given me so much. I want to thank you for your friendship, your honesty your talent......Thank you Master!

Finally, I would like to express my more sincere gratitude to my colleagues for their art,their friendship; with them I started and I continue learning, trying to grow as an artist.

To all of them , to you who are reading me and specially to our "Art", thank you for giving me so many things...

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