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There is nothing as risky as love ; love took her to Almería where she lives with her family when she is not working.
Sonia Miranda, a girl from Isla Mayor, Sevilla, 31 years old; her name sounds intensively in the most famous flamenco circles.

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She spent her childhood by the banks of the guadalquivir, in the marsh, it left an unforgettable mark in this woman who grew up with a special trend to music. Her own character, extremely shy, set her appart from flamenco at the beginning. She felt such a worship for this music that she was not sure she could sing it with the dignity it deserves.

She did not know that this humble attitude, her urge to improve, her enormous desire for learning and her dignity when she did something, will take her where she is now.

It is not easy in flamenco music to be humble without making words sound false and high-pitched, neither to mix tradition, schools and influences with a personal impression and,nevertheless, be proud of it.

In Sonia we can appreciate the influence of artists from different times and types, from La Niña de los Peines or Chacón to others who are still working such as Carmen Linares, Maite Martín o José "el de la Tomasa", Juan Varea, Caracol o Niño de Barbate. Definitely,an ideal culture medium who has helped her to develop her own personality far from any given archetipe.

She has got many important awards, among the most outstanding we could mention:

-Melón de plata, national competition, Lo Ferro 2001
-Silla de plata,"silla de oro" competition, Leganés, Madrid 2000
-Award to the most-rounded singer (cantaor), young flamenco singer competition, Calasparra 2001
-First prize in Santa Lucia competition (songs from Granada and Malaga), Cartagena 2000
-Special prize, "Bajo guia competition (songs from Sanlucar), Sanlucar de Barrameda 2000
-Finalist in the prestigious national competition of Cordoba, "Camarón de la Isla" and "Niña de los peines" categories, Cordoba 2001-2004.

Sonia considers more important for her vocational training and her own development as an artist the different colaborations she has done with artists of such stature as Manuel Soler, Miguel Angel Cortés and Rafael Campallo; experiences she had with those colleagues who shared and are still sharing her main interests, training and those who have taken with her the first steps towards the world of art.

Her own experience has made her feels as a privilleged because she can dedicate herself to her biggest passion. She has also learnt that the way is not bed of roses but, as the poet said, there is no way or it is a neverended way or even worst, the same way do not take everyone where they think they should go; what really matter is to be in the way, enjoy it and go through it quietly, with austerity and giving the best of oneself.

We really think she is reaching her way, Sonia is not keen on the idea of doing easy;s he is a whole singer with a repertoire where you can find from the most well-known songs (cantes) to those which are not much used anymore; that is what makes her so special and we expect her to give to flamenco music real and beautiful things.

Sonia gets her influence from the Sevilla school, her interpretations of malagueñas, granainas, tangos, solea por bulerias and cantiñas are really fantastic.

Belmonte used to say: "you sing the way you are", he was right because Sonia represents a fine display of sweetness, sensibility; her songs are humble, intimate, thrilling, with a beautiful voice plenty of subtle differences.

We are in front of a singer who goes step by step, with an eye in tradition and the other in her own future.

Her artistic present is already a brilliant reality.

We expect great things from her.

Marcos Escánez Carrillo

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